A student’s choice: a “heart felt” attachment and a commitment to study!

As soon as a student starts in our school, and long after he steps into the world of work, he is supervised, advised, guided in his orientations, his professional career, his artistic path and his personal development by a young, warm, dynamic and professional staff. It is a real collaboration between the students and the members of our staff to succeed. Indeed, stimulating our students’ autonomy and their ability of building their own career is our priority.

A genuine path towards success!

First of all, students come and see the “Orientation Office” so that we chose together the best curriculum for their skills, taking into account their aspirations and personality. The school offers an “Orientation Department” open to all. This department offers a free service with no obligation. It is especially useful to have detailed information on programmes and to choose the most adequate branch. It also helps to learn more about career prospects and companies that recruit our graduates.

The “Enterprise” branch of our office is a true subtle and efficient interface between the students and the professional world at different stages of our schooling:

  • Help in searching for internships and jobs in our work-study programmes, necessary to validate their curriculum;
  • Professional integration and career follow-up at the end of their studies.

Our guarantee of success? Each year, all of our students get a job in the fashion industry. Our field expertise, our perspicacity in the perception of everyone’s expectations guarantee our students’ satisfaction and the respect of their projects’ realisation.

In order to keep a constant emulation of their creative spirit within the school, our “Event Team” is relentlessly seeking new challenges for our students. An active collaboration is born during fashion shows and other major events all along the school year with our concern to strike a balance between material and time requirements of a project and the reality of an artistic process which is as complex as unexpected! Each event is a new experience for our students and a chance to show their best. At Mode Estah, extra curricular activities are encouraged: share new experiments, make friends, adapt to a student life and enjoy all kinds of different activities. The school is integrated to the social Parisian life, prestigious guests are regularly invited to shows organised by the school.

The Human Resources department is available for students for any claim about classes, teachers, the general organisation and unity within classes. This department, always there for students, watches over progression and coherence of professional projects one by one. At the core of our concerns is attaining the best of each individual student.

Also, our “Students’ Services” office strives to offer students particular assistance to help them with efficient working methods during their studies as well as their first steps in the world of work. These services are a network of means, tools and help made to meet continuous needs of information. This initiative completes the academic basic programme and is very appreciated by the companies which consider our school as a reference.