The Mode Estah creative spirit

French heritage branch of luxury products, our school always seeks more. It dares the inconceivable and takes creation off the beaten track. At the core of its inspiration, we place the individual in his uniqueness with his colourful origins, culture and history. We have a unique and different perspective of the world with the sole goal of connecting you with your artistic capacity to achieve your ultimate goals.

A school in today’s world!

During each fashion show, one can feel the buzz, the pride in each of our students’ eyes when we look at their work that is enhanced, recognized, applauded and it encourages us to renew the experience of new challenges every year.

This unique experience makes us a school “on the move “, on all fronts and in the sole goal of giving its chance to talent.

Stamped “Young Designers” by the professionals of fashion, Mode Estah is the school of all possibilities, of all experiments.

Each student’s own artistic expression reveals a unique identity!

The students’ files, genuine business cards among professionals, are organised around specific units : Evenings, lingerie, Child, Sportswear, Street wear, Beachwear, Urban man and woman…but also accessories, leather/fur, hosiery…so many fields to explore and exploit to build their own artistic world!