Work-study programmes required for a professional development!

Because we notice everyday the difference of efficiency on the labour market between the students in a work-study programme and the others, we have chosen it as a specificity in our pedagogy and we offer it in our different courses…

The image of work-study courses has dramatically evolved for the past years. Chosen by the youth, they are now very popular amongst postgraduate students, they are a springboard for working and allow any ambition…companies are not mistaken and, beyond financial advantages, appreciate the possibility of progressive integration…Numerous influential protagonists in the fashion world even speak of “succession”. This success is coming from an increasingly growing need for professional teachings towards the world of work. This privileged path allows many young people aged 16-25 to get a foothold in the labour market, to carry out their studies and to get a qualification or a diploma while getting a salary. Applied teaching in the field then has a new meaning…

Work-study Courses, a Successful Choice!

Acquire enriching skills, cut the time for job-seeking thanks to a faster professional integration, benefit from a free training…so many assets for the students being trained at our school!

Advantages …to Build the Future :

  • Immediate application of teaching in the field;?
  • Acquisition of a convincing 1-2 year professional experience, certainly rewarding once you enter the world of work;?
  • Profound Knowledge of the fashion industry;?
  • Possible Recruitment by the host company;?
  • After graduation: 95% of our graduate students arehired at the end of their studies (88% in permanentcontract);
  • Diploma at the end of studies.

Advantages…to facilitate the present:?

  • Tuition fees are taken in charge by the host company;
  • Guaranteed income all along studies;
  • Independence…

The company: A key professional partner

In our approach to best accompany you on your professional route especially during your first steps in active life, companies have asserted to be key partners…Indeed, your host company has made you progressively enter the world of work…

It allows you to:

  • make connection between theory and practice;
  • assert your knowledge by practice;
  • make your own judgment on managing a company and have an overall insight of the company and its environment.

We offer two formulas of work-study courses :